Corinne Elaine Glaubitz - Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel

July 14, 1936 - May 2, 2023

Oh, what an amazing life…

Corinne (Kor-EENE) was named after her mother’s mother, Carin (KARin) Elin, and several grandmothers, going back at least 5 generations. She was very proud of her Swedish heritage. She was born at 12:30 a.m., on Saturday, July 14 th , on the hottest day, during the hottest summer in local record.  During the Great Depression, she was born in a hospital, in Frederic, WI unlike the rest of her siblings, who were born on the farm her parents homesteaded east of Balsam Lake, Wisconsin.) They did not have an indoor bathroom for 16 more years!

Corinne has always had an unapologetically "Strong Personality", a survivor instinct, and sheer determination to achieve goals. For example, she moved to “The Cities” with a group of girls, living together in a house, and finding work in Minneapolis.  This was her time to shine. (Some would equate this with their college years) 

Her favorite employer was Honeywell, where she worked at their corporate HQ. She excelled in accounting, and bookkeeping.
She met Larry, in Minneapolis, through a mutual friend, Norman Potvin. Larry was from the same county, and he was the Air Force, at the time. Their courtship included many letters, photos., and gifts. For their honeymoon, she wanted to go to Niagara Falls, but they could only afford to go to Kakabeka Falls, near Thunder Bay, in Canada. (Larry kept his promise, and took her to Niagara Falls, during their last vacation together in 2003.) 
She enjoyed social interaction within many groups and organizations throughout her life; whether it was 4H, lettering in high school band, church choirs, bowling leagues, participating in her children's school groups and sports, or red hatters; in her later years.  
Corinne looked forward to going to plays at the local theaters:  Chanhassen, Bloomington Community Theater, and the Orpheum, and Guthrie in Minneapolis.
She sewed, knitted, and crocheted. She made several throws and baby blankets that were donated or gifted throughout the community.

She didn't like to cook too much, she BAKED. Cookies, cakes, bars, more cookies, pies, cinnamon rusk, walnut-brown sugar rolls, cookies, Bundt cakes, pumpkin seeds, and bread. 
She was afraid of swimming, but was determined that her children knew how to swim.  Corinne was a "white-knuckle" flyer, but she traveled many places. (Her oldest brother, John Leonart Johnson, died in WWII, in a plane crash.) When Larry worked for Northwest Airlines, they frequently enjoyed the employee benefit of flying for free.  Of her travels, she was able to go to Sweden to see her parents’ home, and met several of her relatives.  She also fulfilled a lifelong dream when she was able to see her New Zealand childhood pen pal, when Larry won 2 free tickets on New Zealand Air.
And WOW, could she dance with Larry!  (They figured out their own dance-style where they took turns leading).

Corinne had collections; both deliberate, and perhaps, some unintentional. While most everyone knows that she enjoyed collecting milk glass, souvenir spoons, collector plates, heart shaped items, and Swedish items, she also had quantities of the following: 
 Earrings, costume jewelry & watches, eyeglasses, sunglasses, scarves, hankies, clothes, shoes, coats. 
 Dried and artificial flowers. 
 Pens, pencils, paperclips, notepads, staplers, stickers, address labels and address books, tape, rubber bands, and twist ties. 
 Nail clippers & files, Emory boards, lipstick, Kleenex tissues, safety pins.  
 straight pins, and sewing supplies, YARN. 
 Cookbooks, and recipe cards, Tupperware. 
 Rulers, yardsticks, and tape measures. 

To be sure, Larry assisted in the mundane collections. He even had a few of his own.   She had several pets throughout her life. She favored cats, and named several of them “Pumpkin”. Her last pet cat was adopted by her nephew. She is the last of her immediate family, in her generation, even amongst her cousins in the US and Sweden. It must have been a level of loneliness that is unusually difficult.  And still, her steadfastness earned her a nickname, she will always be Larry’s “Stubborn Swede”.

She is preceded in death by husband, Larry; parents, Gustaf and Karolina Johnson and siblings, Maria, John, Ivar, Ruth.
Survived by son, John (Carrie); daughter, Carolina (Frank); step-grandchildren, step-great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews and cousins.

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