Sahar Sable Ferdowsi | Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel

December 18, 1999 - May 10, 2021

Sahar Sable Ferdowsi

Born December 18, 1999, Sahar soared through life with passion undaunted. Sahar grew up in Shoreview, Minnesota, but shared an empathetic love for family worldwide, as she was exceptionally close with her family in Iran and the U.S. Sahar was also no stranger to making friends, and while attending Emmet D. Williams Elementary School cultivated numerous friendships she has continued long past 6th grade. It’s at E.D.W. where her joy of music flourished. She started playing piano, then violin, and finally fell in love with the viola. She played the instrument into college, summiting with a performance at Carnegie Hall her freshman year at Iowa State University.

Before this crescendo, Sahar graduated from Roseville Area High School in 2018. It’s here where Sahar managed to dive into a headspin-worthy amount of interests: art, design, soccer, ultimate frisbee, snowboarding, longboarding—the list goes on.

Her passions were diverse: one moment she’d DIY design a pair of Vans skate shoes with a favorite hip-hop artist painted on the side, and the next she’d design an award-winning airplane landing gear for her group’s school project.

A tireless companion to her pets, Sahar always ensured time was made for them. Her dog Polar and cat Ellio, who she adopted in college from a shelter, would run to greet her as she walked into the room. She treated them with superhuman compassion.

But above all, it’s in the halls of Roseville Area High School where her steadfast dedication to science and space became crystalized.

Tireless nights she’d work at the dining room table, tussling with calculus equations and expounding thermodynamic theory. When asked why a life in this field was for her, she’d answer: “So I can actually help this place.”

With this goal she graduated from high school and began college at Iowa State University in 2018. A few months after freshman orientation she became involved with Aerospace Engineering, and was appointed the department club’s president later that spring. While rocket science was daily, air planes are where her true colors flew. She took pilot ground school and by junior year, Sahar was flying weekly. She later joined Engineers Without Borders and most recently, Boeing’s ‘Make To Innovate’ (M:2:I) engineering innovation club and aviation incubator.

When Sahar would come home for weekends or holiday breaks, the first topic of conversation was always how her flights were and what she planned to do next in school. Conversations would then divulge into what her and companies like Boeing and NASA were talking about over correspondence. Nights would end with watching interstellar movies like Hidden Figures and First Man. While films like these and scientists like Carl Sagan inspired Sahar, no one and nothing inspired her pursuit of flight more than her dad and mom.

After years of training and setbacks, Sahar was two weeks away from earning her solo flying license. She planned on taking a flight home from Iowa to Minnesota in celebration.

Sahar was spontaneous. She was constantly searching for another adventure. She pursued travel as if it were a hobby, making several trips to Iran to visit family, a summer trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua with her high school Spanish class, for she was fluent in the language. She used all of these experiences daily, and kept a worldly perspective on issues at hand. Sahar was a relentless advocate for women’s rights, in addition to an outspoken international education activist and clean energy revolutionary.

This summer she was looking forward to an engineering internship at Eaton Corporation in Oklahoma (hoping to get some horseback riding in while she was there). Throughout her journey she was determined to inspire other women scientists, and help make the world not only a habitable place, but a welcoming one. In 2022 she would have graduated from Iowa State with dreams of becoming a Mechanical Engineer with a concentration in green aerospace.

The thing about Sahar was that she fit no mold. Brilliant with dry wit, she’d masterfully maneuver through each and all situations she encountered with awe-inspiring grace. Empathy was ingrained in every decision Sahar would make.

Though the symphony of Sahar’s inspirational life has quieted, the brilliant blaze of her splendor lives on through all of us. Sahar won’t go quietly into the night.

We love you, Sahar. Always.

If you were unable to attend in-person, please click here for the recording of Sahar's Celebration of Life.


  1. Felor Rostami says:

    Dear Jane, Saeed and Samie our deepest condolences to you all.

  2. Havilah Martinez & Family says:

    Though I haven’t spent a lot of time in person with Sahar, I have had the privilege of hearing about her life through her mom for the past 6 years. Stories of Sahar’s latest adventure or accomplishment or funny stories of her childhood (with the silliest and sweetest accompanying pictures) have always been day brighteners. Jane proudly shared art and little gifts and notes from Sahar and Samir in her workspace and her memories of receiving each one always made my heart warm and happy. The few times I have been able to spend time in person with Sahar it was clear to see she’s a kindred spirit with great taste (outfits and hair always on point!), incredible talent in all things she put her mind to, and wisdom beyond her years. She will be sorely missed. Jane, Saied, Samir and the many others hurting, you have our love and deepest sympathy.

  3. Fereshteh Rahimzadeh says:

    Dear Jean and Saeed, John and I are so sorry for your unimaginable loss. It is hard to imagine what you are going through after such trauma. Our thoughts and prayers are and will be with you and your family, during this difficult time. God bless you, and give you endurance and patience.

    With tons of love ❤️
    John Kulle and Fereshteh Rahimzadeh

  4. Grace Lehman says:

    To the Ferdowsi Family,
    I’m so incredibly sorry for your loss. Sahar was one of the kindest, smartest, funniest, and most caring people I’ve ever had the privilege to call my friend. It was truly and honor to be in a quartet and orchestra with her. Her love and passion for everything she did was so contagious one couldn’t help but feel the same way. I cannot stress how much of an honor it was to call her a friend. My thoughts are with you.

  5. Gita E, , Amir N.

    Dear Jane, Saeed and Samir , words cannot express the how deeply sorry I’m to hear about beautiful Sahar , our deepest sympathy for your loss to all of you .our thought and prayer are with all of you and your entire family. May your beautiful memories sustain and bring comfort to all of you during this difficult season .

  6. Ava Spencer says:

    Dear Jane, Saied, and Samir,
    Wishing heartening memories of Sahar warm your souls and carry your family through this difficult time. Sending you all so much love and light.

  7. Nazy says:

    Dear Jane, Saied, and Samir,
    We express our deepest condolences for the loss of your beloved Sahar. I hope you find solace in the beautiful memories you built together. May she never be forgotten among her friends and community.
    Parviz and Nazy Taleghani

  8. Azadeh Moatamedi says:

    Dear Ferdowsi family,
    I was shocked to hear the news from my friends. I personally met with your family long time ago through Dr. Hematti and Miranda. I have come to your home few times when the kids were young and I admired your beautiful children and how talented both Sahar and Samir were. Last time I saw Saied it was at Iranian Nowrooz celebration and he proudly talked about Sahar. Sahar and my son were almost same age and studying the same major. It is extremely hard and unforgettable to go through such trauma. Life is short and the ones that are alive take it for granted. I pray for your family and I wish the good memories keep her soul alive for you. RIP Sahar.

  9. Hossein Jalali says:

    Please accept our deepest sympathies on the tragic loss of your beloved Sahar. We are praying for her soul and wish that you may find the patience and strength in these tough days.

  10. Jenny Zuppan says:

    Sahar was a gem, beautiful inside and out. We are so blessed that Kirsten had the good fortune of growing up with such a wonderful friend. Holding you close in our thoughts and prayers.
    Jenny Zuppan and Family

  11. Alicia miller says:

    Dear Jane,Saied,Samir
    I’m so so sorry for your loss I’m sending lots of prayers to all of you I will never forget all the fun times we had when we were young she was a special girl with lots of big dreams I will miss her

    Your friend
    Alicia miller

  12. Cameron Radke says:

    Dear Jane, Saied and Samir,
    I was deeply saddened at the news of Sahar’s passing, my time as her teacher is etched on my heart. I will always remember her as kind, smart and a steadfast friend to all. I am sorry that I will miss her service but will join from my classroom- I will keep my thoughts on her and send love to you all.
    Cameron Radke (Sahar’s second grade and sixth grade teacher).

  13. Mohammad salmanpour says:

    Sahar’s life here on earth was short, but her impact was grand. Her memory will always remain in our hearts. May God give her family peace and strength to handle this tough time of sadness. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

  14. Susan Scott says:

    I am so very saddened to hear this news of the loss of your beautiful daughter Sahar. My relationship with Sahar goes back to EDW years, when I taught her violin and then viola. I remember Sahar as such a lovely, talented and curious student with such a positive attitude about everything! It was a pleasure to see her later in high school at orchestra events. My heart goes out to you, her entire family.

  15. morvarid says:

    my friend and my cousin 《sahar》 was a shining light in the sky of our hearts that not only did not go out but became brighter.

    my dear uncle and dear jane we are by your side

  16. morvarid says:

    my friend and my cousin 《sahar》 was a shining light in the sky of our hearts that not only did not go out but became brighter.

    my dear uncle and dear jane and dear samir we are by your side

  17. Omid Ferdowsi says:

    Quantum entanglement occurs when entangled particles (energy) remain connected even when separated by great distances. These particles can influence/communicate with each other faster than the speed of light. Sahar left a positive lasting impression as her physical form on this planet and the positive energy that she touched all human and non-human animals with will forever live on. Our connection with her will only grow stronger as she has taken on her new form. This does not take away from the fact that she will be severely missed by all. I am sorry I will not be there physically tomorrow but please know that I am here to do anything you need to carry on Sahar’s legacy and I believe we can all learn from the legacy she was building. Her accolades and accomplishments were numerous but her humbleness and determination to fight for our planet and those who couldn’t fight for themselves is a lesson we can all learn from Sahar. The way Sahar lived life-enjoying the moment-should be the blueprint to how we live our lives.

  18. Mark says:

    I am sorry for your loss. She made the world a better place.

  19. Saeed and Sohaila Fahimi says:

    We are deeply sorry and saddened to hear about the loss of your beloved dauther, Sahar. Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

  20. Ron Haley says:

    Dear Jane, Saied and Samir,

    Sincerest condolences, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

  21. Misty Poeschl says:

    Jane, Saied and Samir,
    I have no words. Sahar was such a huge part of our life. I could not have asked for a better best friend for my daughter. Every adventure that Abby and Sahar went on was such glow filled journey. Everything was a fantastic story. That joy will never, ever disappear. She put all of that love out into the world and it will remain forever. She shared her glowing energetic presence with my family (she was like a bonus kid). She shared your family with Abby (who you treated like a bonus kid as well). We feel truly blessed to have been a part of her short life and part of her forever memory. All of our love.

  22. Saeid Ebrahimi says:

    Dear Ferdowsi family
    Words can’t describe how sorry we are to hear about your lovely daughter.
    Deepest condolences to your family.
    We met her in Iran several times,she was such an adorable,kindhearted girl.
    It s unbelievable that she left too soon, but for sure her memory will remain in hearts.
    We would like to offer our sympathy to you.
    May God bless you

  23. Angie Miller says:

    Dear, Sweet Jane and family,

    I can’t possibly imagine your grief. I was blessed to know your beautiful Sahar when she was young. I loved that she became a fellow Cyclone and enjoyed life on that campus as much as me. Know that my thoughts are with you and your family. What a mark she left! Hugs and much love to you as your family navigates a new normal. ❤️

  24. vignati yalamanchili says:

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ferdowsi,

    It is not often one comes across somebody who makes unforgettable friends, who are always there and wants the best for you. I am fortunate enough to call Sahar my best friend. I want to express my deepest condolences. I believe that she is alive in our memories, and her void is irreplaceable.

  25. Phyllis Sandberg says:

    I was shocked and saddened to hear of Sahar’s passing. As her 4th grade teacher at EDW I could already tell she was bound to do great things. She was so smart but also so kind to others. I will always picture her with a smile on her face. My deepest sympathy to your family.

  26. Aliaghai Family says:

    Dear Saeed, Jane and Samie,

    We were deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Sahar. Please accept our heartfelt sympathies and know our prayers are with you all. May the memories and people she touched help you through this difficult time. Our hope is that in time she will be remembered with love and wonder and not grief.

    Hossein and Chris

  27. Laurie Miller says:

    Jane and Family I am so sorry to hear of Sahara passing Prayers going out for your family I just keep thinking of the kids playing together and when you would bring the kids out all fighting to push Sahar in the stroller She had some great dreams that will surely be missed Your friends Laurie Miller and Family

  28. mahfam derakhsh says:

    dear saeed i know that it is extremely difficult to bear the heat that is sitting on your heart. Iknow what a pain it is for you to open your eyes in the morning and wish that only this event was a nig htmare but only to god. my heart is heavy. i ask god to place you in the shadow of his eternal mercy and make us patient to see the vacancy of sahar joon . mahfam

  29. mahshid ferdowsi says:

    dear saeed ,dear jane, lovely samir . some pains are so bitter that you do not want to share them wite anyone and sometimes you prefer not to come out of your cocoon alone sadness in the passing of our dear sahar from those bitter pains. Ilike you. take care.

  30. Elizabeth Cregan says:

    I am heartbroken with Sahar’s passing. My heart goes out to all of Sahar’s family. Sahar was my private viola student and chamber music student while she attended RAHS. I remember her first lesson, she was so full of light, so inquisitive, a beautiful player. She loved music from the Romantic era and played her pieces with passion. She played in our viola group, Saint Paul Viola Ensemble. We performed at homeless shelters and nursing homes and Sahar was always so positive in the midst of all the aspects of humanity that we played to. She was always a ray of sunshine. I am so very sorry. We have a concert this weekend and I will dedicate the concert to Sahar. She was a beautiful soul. I am holding you all in my heart.

  31. Reza and Suzette Foroozan says:

    We are very sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter, Sahar. May she Rest in Peace. Praying for your strength, and the love and memories you all shared with her will live on and help comfort you.

  32. Zhaokun Mu says:

    Dear Saied,
    I am so sorry for your unimaginable loss, it is pained lost young people when older. Sahar is a pearl in the palm; My thoughts and prayers are and will be with you and your family, during this difficult time. God bless you.

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