W hen a family member or friend has died, it is important to notify various government agencies, banks, creditors, and credit reporting agencies of the death. To reduce the risk of identity theft, these notifications should be made promptly after the death.

To expedite notification, you should initially make the contact by phone, followed by written verification. For many of the government agencies and financial entities, you will need the decedent's social security number, a copy of the death certificate, and if you are a personal representative (executor) of the estate, your appointment for from the probate court. Make sure to retain copies of all notices that you send.

Below is a checklist of possible agencies and businesses that should be notified of the death. Because each individual case is unique, the list may not be complete. Also, the funeral home may have notified some of the government agencies on your behalf. Please consult with your funeral director so you can check of those agencies which have already been notified. If you have any other questions, please notify our office.

Financial Companies

  • Credit card and merchant card companies
  • Banks, savings and loan associations, and credit unions
  • Mortgage companies and lenders
  • Financial planners and stockbrokers
  • Pension providers

Insurance and Annuity Companies

  • Life insurers and annuity companies
  • Health, medical, and dental insurers
  • Mutual benefit companies
  • Automotive insurer
  • Disability insurer

Credit Reporting Agencies

There are three national credit reporting agencies which you should notify of the death and instruct them to list all accounts as, "Closed. Account holder is deceased." You may request a credit report to obtain a list of all creditors and to review recent credit activities.


  • Professional associations and unions
  • Cable and internet providers
  • Health and athletic clubs
  • Automobile clubs
  • Video subscription clubs
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Public library
  • Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, etc.

Do Not Contact Lists

The Direct Marketing Association maintains the Deceased Do Not Contact List. All members of the Direct Marketing Association will delete the decedent's name from their mailing list once the name is posted. You can register the decedent's name at the following website: Deceased Do Not Contact Registration